CSR of Morinaga Milk

Our Approach to CSR

The Morinaga Milk Group believes that all practical steps toward realizing its corporate philosophy fall within the scope of CSR. All employees of the Morinaga Milk Group contribute to the creation of a society in which people can enjoy happiness and fulfillment through their everyday work activities.

CSR Promotion System

Through the CSR Committee chaired by the president, Morinaga Milk is promoting CSR activities throughout the entire Group. In 2016, the CSR Promotion Department was established as a special department with company-wide functions for organizing CSR activities and strengthening cross-departmental activities in each department to establish a system through which the entire company could address management issues related to CSR. The concept of CSR can be spread throughout the entire Group by disseminating and sharing sufficient information inside the Morinaga Milk Group.
The CSR Committee was established to reinforce the functions of the Board of Directors. It identifies topics that should be addressed in order to achieve a sustainable society from an ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) perspective and deliberates on action, progress, and confirmation.


CSR Committee

With the president as the chairperson, the committee consists of the officers, the relevant department managers, and people appointed by the chairperson. The CSR Promotion Department, meanwhile, takes charge of coordination. The regular committee meeting is held once every six months, in principle.

CSR Promotion Department

The CSR Promotion Department consists of the CSR Planning Group, the Social Contribution Promotion Group, and the Environmental Affairs Group.
The CSR Planning Group is responsible for dissemination of non-financial ESG-related information, as well as the planning, implementation, and promotion of measures to improve the corporate and organizational culture.
The Social Contribution Promotion Group is responsible for promoting social contribution activities such as plant tours and food education.
The Environmental Affairs Group is responsible for promoting companywide environmental affairs as well as overseeing the operation and supervision of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

Communication with Stakeholders

The Circle of Empathy

The corporate activities of Morinaga Milk are based on expanding empathy with seven groups of stakeholders and identifying the topics which must be addressed in the relationships with each group of stakeholders.

The Circle of Empathy

Communication Methods

Morinaga Milk uses the following methods to communicate with each group of stakeholders.

Stakeholders Communication methods and results
  1. (1) Customer Service Centers
  2. (2) Customer satisfaction questionnaire surveys
  3. (3) Angel 110 Hotline
  4. (4) Social contribution activities such as Little Angels:
    Expedition Team Exploring Forest and Food
Shareholders and investors
  1. (1) General Meeting of Shareholders
    Number of voting rights exercised: 420,112
  2. (2) Briefings for individual investors
    Number held: 4
    Financial results briefings
    Number held: 2
  3. (3) Dissemination of information through the investor relations site
Business partners and suppliers
  1. (1) CSR procurement questionnaires
  2. (2) Quality improvement seminars and distribution seminars
  3. (3) Supplier briefings
Academic research Joint research and presentations at conferences
  1. (1) Energy Survey (employee satisfaction survey)
  2. (2) Career surveys
  3. (3) Dialogue through the Co-Creation of Aspirations Forum
Local communities
  1. (1) Plant tours
    Number of visitors in fiscal 2018: 30,000
  2. (2) Participation in environmental cleanup activities and other events
    Number of participants in fiscal 2018: 12,758
  1. (1) Use of certified raw materials
  2. (2) Cooperation and collaboration with environmental industry groups
  3. (3) Cleanups around plants

Joining External Initiatives and Groups

Morinaga Milk engages in dialogue and collaboration with diverse stakeholders in order to realize a sustainable society.
On the global level, Morinaga Milk signed the UN Global Compact in April 2018 endorsing the 10 Principles related to protecting human rights, eliminating unfair labor, taking action on the environment, and preventing corruption advocated by the United Nations.
In addition, regarding palm oil and palm kernel oil, which are used as raw materials, Morinaga Milk joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in March 2018, based on the Group Procurement Policy. In April 2019, Morinaga Milk also took part in Japan Sustainable Palm Oil Network (JaSPON), serving as an executive committee member. Going forward, Morinaga Milk will continue to purchase sustainable palm oil.
In Japan, Morinaga Milk served as chair of the Japan Dairy Industry Association and the Committee for Milk Container Environmental Issues in fiscal 2018 and now serves as an executive committee member of Japan Dairy Association (J Milk) in order to improve the quality of milk and dairy products and production technology and to contribute to the development of the dairy industry.

Joining External Initiatives and Groups

Sustainability Report 2019

See “Sustainability Report 2019” for details.