The Morinaga Milk Group is steadily building foundations for its growth as a global company five to ten years into the future.

childMILEI GmbH, manufactures and sells infant and toddler milk ingredients, including whey protein concentrate and lactose.
This company is implementing a major project to expand its production capacity as a key center for the future expansion of the Morinaga Milk Group's global business.
Also in Singapore, we established a company to sell dairy product ingredients and launched it into operation in April 2016.


In Asian countries, the market for infant and toddler milk expands year by year in step with their developing economies.
The Morinaga Milk Group is now focusing on infant and toddler milk exports to Pakistan and other Asian countries,local production by a joint venture company in Indonesia, and licensing business with local partner companies.

In the United States, in addition to manufacturing and selling tofu produced by Long-Life Production Methods, we started a yogurt business from July 2017.


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Infant and Toddler Milk(Left: Pakistan  Center: Indonesia  Right: Malaysia)

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TOFULong-life TOFU manufactured using aseptic

aloveYogurt containing aloe vera (USA)

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