Company-wide Social Contribution Activities

Plant Tour

Morinaga Milk gives plant tours at three of its plants (Tokyo Tama, Chukyo, Kobe) to show consumers how its products are produced. On-site visits to the plant's sanitary production lines and other facilities demonstrate Morinaga Milk’s commitment to manufacturing excellence and production grounded in safety and reliability.
Our Taste Panel Meisters* Experience Tour, newly introduced at the Tokyo Tama Plant, shows our safe and reliable approach to manufacturing while also offering visitors the unique experience of tasting products fresh off the production lines just as the Taste Panel Meisters do . Visitors can also take part in programs such as the Family Day Plant Tour for smaller groups during spring and summer vacations, or the Milk Month Plant Tour held every June to introduce detailed information about milk and dairy products.
We conduct these plant tours in cooperation with plant workers. When a visitor asks a challenging question about production or a technical matter beyond the tour guide's expertise, a nearby staff person knowledgeable on the subject comes to the rescue with an answer. Our responses to consumer questions are always thorough and sincere.
We will continue to communicate our commitment to deliciousness, the safety of our production processes, and the assurance that you can enjoy Morinaga products with confidence.

* Taste Panel Meister
This is Morinaga Milk's unique certification, given only to persons who can discern the minimum detectable limits of the five tastes sensed by the human tongue (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami).

  • Visit a Morinaga Milk plant to observe the making of safe and reliable products.

  • In the viewing corridor

M'S Kitchen

We provide visiting chef classes around Japan to share original Morinaga Milk recipes that use familiar ingredients together with milk and dairy products, along with knowledge about health and food in general. More than 410,000 people of all ages and walks of life have taken the class since it started in 2003, gaining knowledge helpful for healthy living.
At M'S Kitchen visitors can take a course focused on “Milk in Japanese Cuisine” to learn recipes recommended by Morinaga Milk, and try out the recipes that can be made easily and safely together with young family members. This popular course teaches ways to use the richness and flavors of milk and dairy products to achieve deliciousness with minimal use of other seasonings, while providing the rich nutritional benefits of calcium, a mineral that tends to be deficient in the Japanese population. Participants in the other M’S Kitchen courses have similarly enjoyed surprising discoveries about new ways of using milk and dairy products.
Morinaga Milk will continue to contribute to the health of the public by serving as a proponent of healthy diets.

  • The 2017 “Milk in Japanese Cuisine” course

Little Angels: Expedition Team Exploring Forest and Food

The fourth annual “Expedition Team Exploring Forest and Food” class is an outdoor agricultural experience for about 30 elementary school students from Grades 4 through 6. The children spend four nights and five days exploring life in nature. They cooperate with their classmates in a series of eating, creating, and playing experiences such as harvesting vegetables, tending to animals at dairy farms, climbing trees, playing in rivers, building rudimentary structures, and taking plant tours, all with the aim of discovering the essentials of living by one's own devices in nature.
We hope that the children who experience this program will spread the influences of the program to the children around them in their schools and communities, bringing more refreshment and positivity into their lives. Morinaga’s team continues discussions every year to improve the program toward this outcome.

Program to Discover and Use Seven Essential Powers

  1. Power to take on new challenges
  2. Creativity (devising ways to enjoy oneself in nature)
  3. Co-existence with nature and knowing the importance of the environment
  4. Human relationship-building: Knowing the importance of helping friends and fostering cooperation
  5. Thinking and taking action: Thinking and acting independently
  6. Cooking skills and thinking about food: Food education, taking an interest in food
  7. Risk management: Being able to protect oneself

Program staff and participating children

Pavilions at KidZania Tokyo and KidZania Koshien

As a provider of nutrition, Morinaga Milk regards the healthy growth of children as its responsibility and makes various efforts in this regard.
KidZania provides an interactive experience where children can be leaders and learn about society while having fun. Empathizing with the KidZania concept of fostering realistic vocational experiences to equip children with the skills they need to survive in the future, Morinaga Milk is an official sponsor of “Milk House” pavilions at two KidZania cities–in Tokyo since 2012 and Koshien (in the Kansai area) since 2016.
Children visiting Milk House work as “milk food marketers” to plan and create products that consumers will appreciate. The goal in shaping the program is to give the children the following experiences: (1) Provide new “added value” to consumers and understand the work that this entails, (2) Learn more about milk and dairy products, and (3) Understand and take an interest in the dairy industry.
The pavilion staff also gains opportunities to learn about Morinaga Milk in order to better convey our basic concepts and describe the Milk House activities.
Morinaga also hosts a Morinaga Milk Special Day at KidZania Tokyo and KidZania Koshien once a year, exclusively inviting Morinaga Milk consumers to take part in a special one-day program. Morinaga also holds a Junior Meister Program at its head office for kids who have frequently visited Milk House at KidZania, to challenge them with more advanced milk marketing tasks in a real-world setting.
Through these activities in KidZania, Morinaga will continue to contribute, however possible, to the nurturing of self-sufficient children equipped to thrive as full-fledged members of society with a wide knowledge of and deep interest in food.

  • Milk House (KidZania Tokyo)

  • Milk House (KidZania Koshien)

  • Morinaga Milk Special Day

  • Junior Meister Program

Social Contribution Activities of Morinaga Milk Plants

The Morinaga Milk Group plants around the country place great importance on connecting with the people in their communities.
In its bid to be an “open plant”, the Tokyo Plant invites local residents to green spaces at the plant site once a year to communicate with employees. The Kinki Plant conducts classes at neighboring elementary schools to give the students opportunities to learn about manufacturing and quality control at the plant and gain a familiarity with the safe, reliable products Morinaga provides. The employees of affiliate FUJI MORINAGA MILK INDUSTRY CO., LTD. pick up waste on and around Mt. Fuji as a part of the Mt. Fuji Waste Reduction Operation to help protect the environment of the mountain, a source of water for the plant.
The Morinaga Milk Group agrees with the purpose of the CO2 Reduction/Light Down Campaign operated by the Ministry of the Environment. Employees from some branches and sales offices, including those in group companies, have participated in the campaign since the summer of 2008. Morinaga Milk home delivery centers, which actively support environmental issues, are also invited to join the campaign.

  • Green spaces at the Tokyo Plant site (Tokyo Plant)

  • Classes held at a neighboring elementary school (Kinki Plant)

  • Mt. Fuji Waste Reduction Operation (FUJI MORINAGA MILK INDUSTRY CO., LTD.)

Social Contribution Activities of the Sales Offices

Sales offices contribute to their local areas by carrying out various activities and providing products to local festivals. One of these contributions is the Pink Ribbon Activity*, a walking event in the annual Pink Ribbon Festivals sponsored by the Japan Cancer Society in Tokyo, Kobe, and Sendai. Sales offices in these three areas supply sample products and distribute coupons for free breast cancer medical examinations.

* Pink Ribbon Activity
An activity to publicize and promote the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. About 1 in 11 women in Japan develop breast cancer in their lifetimes, and the incidence of the disease is trending upwards year by year. The problem is familiar to us all.

  • Distributing coupons for free medical examinations

  • Walking events attracting large numbers of participants