Our Quality Control

Based on our Quality Policy and Action Policy, we have established Quality Standards for each supply chain specific to product development, raw material procurement, production and distribution and sales. By implementing these Quality Standards throughout our organization, we ensure the quality and food safety of every product we handle.

The Morinaga Milk Quality Standards not only require compliance with all legal and voluntary industry standards, but institute standards that we have set internally that exceed industry standards.

Product Development

At Morinaga Milk, we place the highest priority on product quality and food safety, beginning in the research and product plannin stages. Each time we challenge ourselves with a new ingredient or product development, we conduct design quality inspections to ensure quality and food safety.

Raw Material Procurement

When it comes to delivering good products, there is nothing more important than procuring safe, high-quality raw materials and packaging materials. At Morinaga Milk, we set strict quality standards for all raw materials and packaging materials. Through various inspection processes, we ensure those standards are met so we can select and use ingredients that are high-quality and safe.
Additionally, we perform on-site inspections of new business partners' plants and subject their facilities, technologies, personnel and quality control systems to strict scrutiny before determining whether goods can be procured.

Pre-Material Lot Inspections

At Morinaga Milk, in addition to the daily inspections performed at our plants as part of the receiving and production processes for the raw materials used, we also conduct sample inspections for each lot at the Morinaga Milk Analytical Research Center. These inspections are conducted on samples given to us by our raw material suppliers in advance, allowing us to reject any raw materials that fail to pass our standards, and ensuring only high-quality raw materials are shipped to our plants. (In some cases, even raw materials that pass the pre-shipment inspection fail the receiving inspection at the plant and are rejected.)

Evaluation results for standard inspections are kept in our in-house database and shared with relevant departments within the company.

Raw materials suppliers

Presticide Inspections

We regularly conduct inspections to check for residual amounts of more than 300 types of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. The producers of our raw materials and packaging materials control pesticide residue according to quality guidelines from our suppliers, and Morinaga Milk follows up with pesticide inspections to confirm there are no problems.

Food Safety and Hygiene at our Production and Distribution Sites

Dairy Farm Services Department representatives, responsible for the procurement of raw milk, regularly visit dairies where milk is produced and cooler stations where milk is collected at a relay point to verify food safety and hygiene control measures.


Quality control in the production process is built on three pillars: triple checking of raw materials and packaging materials, maintenance of the production environment and Morinaga Milk's own quality control system, and Morinaga Milk's Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (MACCP). In addition, regular inspections are performed by our administrative office, the Quality Assurance Department, and KUORITE CORPORATION to ensure that the Quality Standards and the quality control system are functioning reasonably, and to maintain and improve quality control overall.

Triple Check

At production plants, raw materials and packaging materials undergo a triple check. The three stages are: confirmation of materials received, confirmation of usability, and confirmation prior to/during use. Raw materials and packaging materials must pass the inspection at each stage in order to advance to the next stage.

First Check: Confirmation of raw materials and packaging materials received

・The product name, manufacturer, lot expiration date, quantity, condition of packaging and the presence of any odors are checked.
・The database is checked for the results of the pre-shipment lot inspection conducted at the Analytical Research Center during the raw materials procurement stage.

Secondary Check:Confirmation of usability

・The raw materials and packaging materials are checked to ensure they meet quality standards.
・Sensory inspection, physical/chemical and microbiology inspections are conducted.

Third Check:Confirmation prior to/during use

・Labels and the outer packing are inspected, followed by a check of the appearance and flavor of the contents.

MACCP System

The MACCP system is the quality control system for Morinaga Milk's plants.

Based on HACCP, or hazard analysis and critical control points, the MACCP system is a proprietary hygiene control method created by Morinaga Milk for maintaining the quality and food safety that all our products should be endowed with, as well as for making improvements. Unique characteristics of MACCP include a focus on risk analysis and exhaustive measures to prevent problems from recurring.

Additional information: HACCP is a hygiene control method to continuously monitor and record critical points for risk prevention in every process from the procurement of raw materials to production and shipping.

Distribution and Sales

Even in the distribution and sales processes, we have a quality control officer stationed at every product storage and distribution point, as well as at every sales warehouse, to confirm that quality control is being carried out appropriately. We strive to ensure quality maintenance and traceability right up to the point the customer enjoys the product.