Pino is bite-size ice cream coated with chocolate. As soon as you put Pino in your mouth, you can enjoy the well-balanced combination of chocolate and ice cream. The product has been sold since 1976.


Containing only carefully selected ingredients and high quality milk, a cup of Mow ice cream offers you the rich, creamy and natural taste of milk.


PARM is a delectable combination of a soft chocolate coating and smooth vanilla ice cream. The coating will not fall off the surface of the ice cream as you bite it, but will melt along with the ice cream in your mouth. What a luxurious treat!

Yaki pudding

This best-selling product tastes like homemade pudding. Bittersweet caramel sauce and baked golden-brown color have been attracting many of our customers.

Milk pudding

The taste, aroma, and nutrition of milk are condensed into this milk pudding. It contains calcium derived from milk.