Clinico Co., Ltd., clinical foods division of the Morinaga Milk group, sells disease-specific nutritional foods - mainly liquid diets and foods for people with swallowing disorders - as well as other nutritional foods. The company holds the top market share in the liquid diet market. The company’s product lines consist of a wide range of items in a variety of flavors not offered by other manufacturers of food items developed for people suffering from particular illnesses or diseases. Clinico develops its special nutritional products using dairy industry know-how and advice from experts in the clinical field.


  • Made with food ingredients enriched with trace elements.
  • Contains protein derived from cow’s milk and soymilk
  • Contains EPA, DHA, oligosaccharides and dietary fiber
  • Has the easy-to-drink flavor of azuki beans
  • Packed in aseptic MOAS* pouches which are filled using a unique heating method that maintains the fresh flavor of the ingredients
  • Has held the top share of the liquid diet market since 2001
    * Morinaga Milk Original Aseptic System filling system from Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd., the first company to develop such aseptic packaging

Enjoy climeal

Liquid diet in just the right portion size. One 125ml package provides 200kcal of energy. This small volume of liquid is an excellent source of well-balanced nutrition.

Tsuru Ringo Quickly

When added to liquids, this product quickly thickens the liquid to aid in swallowing, particularly for those who easily choke when taking liquids. Being tasteless and odorless, the product does not alter the natural flavor or color of the liquids.

Enjoy jelly

This gelatin-based jelly comes in 10 flavors and can be consumed immediately after opening without any special preparation. It is a perfect dessert after meals.