Mt.RAINIER CAFFÈ LATTE is a blend of rich Morinaga Milk’s milk and coffee extracted from high quality, aromatic Arabica coffee beans. Morinaga Milk’s own unique aseptic cup protects the freshly brewed flavor.

Morinaga Oishii Milk

Steam sterilization enables the product to retain the fresh, mild taste of milk while ensuring a clean after taste.


Piknik, launched in 1981, is still a popular milk?based beverage. A wide variety of flavors offers a refreshing choice for both adults and children when they want to relax. Aseptic packaging allows long-term storage at ambient temperature.

Caldus Milk

Caldus contains Bifidobacterium longum BB536 and has twice the calcium found in regular milk. This product can be delivered to your home every morning to help ensure good health for your family.