Medium-term business plan

The Morinaga Milk Group believes that strengthening its B-to-B business through the appropriate allocation and effective use of limited dairy ingredients; securing a global competitive advantage in meeting the needs of expanding emerging markets; responding to the increasing focus on health, nutrition and functionality in Japan and overseas; and creating high added value to satisfy changes in consumer preferences are important management issues for the medium to long term. We will explain the medium-term business plan that was devised as a five-year plan covering March 2016 to March 2020 to address these issues.

<Four basic policies>
Growth strategy

Growth strategy

We will introduce the four basic policies of our medium-term business plan.

Plans for specific businesses

Plans for specific

We will introduce the individual businesses set up with an eye on the future.

Numerical targets

Numerical targets

We will discuss the numerical targets and management indicators for the period covered by the medium-term business plan.