Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy To create a new food culture based on the excellent power of milk, making a difference in people’s health and society in general.

Since our founding in 1917, we have come a long way, as has milk. As we enter the twenty-first century and people seek new tastes and a wider choice, we continue to provide excellence from all the wonderful qualities of milk for our customers whatever the scene they are into.

Corporate Vision Providing superior value and making a difference in society

With an emphasis on food safety and reliability, we steadfastly pursue value that we can share with our customers, so we can always deliver beneficial products and services that our many customers love.

We challenge ourselves to be proactively involved in environmental protection and resource conservation based on both legal and social standards. We also work hard to be a company that contributes to social and regional promotion efforts.

Making good use of the unique abilities that we have honed over many years, including our capacity in terms of quality control, technology, development, sales, material procurement and business process improvements, will allow us to continue to create new demand.

We create a corporate culture where individual employees feel they can grow along with the company.